Land Peru


Peru Programs

Peru has all territories of the world: sea, coast, Andes and jungle. In this place they have developed the world's oldest civilizations that have left a great legacy. Come and meet with us.

Mystic Programs

Part of ancestral ceremonies of thanks to Mother Earth (the Pachamama Payment), and Revitalize with the influence of the energies of nature.

Hike Treks

The Q'apaq Ñam (pathways network of the Inca Empire or Tawantinsuyu) connects the holy sites through territories of beautiful scenery, full of flora and fauna unique in the world, between villages lost in time.

Ecological Programs

Excellent shelter in front of huge rivers in the middle of the jungle, allow us to be close to the wonders of nature and in it, rest peacefully.

Cusco Programs

Qosqo (Navel of the World) is the name of this magical place as it is where the world received life, becoming the place of origins, and the cradle of ancient civilizations that left impressive archaeological and historical legacies.

One Day Tours

Cusco has a lot to show, these individual programs allow you to visit places of interest.